Dongil R&C produce products with stable quality based on technology and knowhow accumulated for some 20 years as a manufacturer only for rubber products. Especially, EPDM rubber waterproof sheet is synthetic polymer used in waterproof in construction and civil engineering. Among synthetic rubber, it is most excellent in weather resistance. This is SINGLE-PLY waterproof sheet produced with the main material of EPDM best fit to waterproof function. Furthermore, variable sizes are available so that custom made is possible.

Maximum available width is 10m and its length can be made according to customer’s requirements.



  • Excellent heat resistant and cold resistant
    This product is used under 30℃ below zero ~ 80℃ above zero. Accordingly, there is no change in quality in the areas with severe weather change like tropical regions or polar regions. And this is most proper for Korea with four seasons.
  • Excellent aging resistant and durability
    Differently from other rubber with double bond, the rubber does not have double bond in molecular skeleton so that it is very stable from Oxygen, Ozone, and Ultraviolet rays in the air.
    So this product has most long life and durability among synthetic polymer waterproof sheet.
  • Wider width is available
    Dongil R&C have joint facility for wider width even 10M. The product with inserted fabric is available.
  • Easy adhesion and preventing sliding
    Adhesion between sheets is easy because releasing agent is not used and the product has embossed patter.
    So this also can be used as rubber sheet to prevent sliding.
  • Free from pollution
    Because there is almost no change in material under any weather and use condition so that the product is free from pollution. It is proper for landscaping, agriculture, pond, and construction related to environmental protection.


Reservoir, rooftop and roof, roads, bridge, tunnel etc.


Thickness Width Length
1.0 mm/ 1.2 mm/ 1.5 mm/ 2.0 mm 1M ~ 1.3M 15M ~ 400M
2M ~ 10M 10M ~ 100M

<Physical properties>

General properties of EPDM

Name Specific gravity Hardness T/S (kg/cm2) Elongation(%) Normally working temperature (°C) Highest Normally working temperature (°C) Lowest
EPDM Ethylene Propylene Rubber 0.86~0.87 40~90 50~200 100~500 140 -40

 Recommended properties

Item SPEC. Test method
Rubber Before aging Tensile strength ㎏f/㎠ More than 80 ASTM D412,
Elongation % More than 250
Tear strength ㎏f/㎠ More than 25 ASTM D624,
After aging Change in T/S % More than 80% of value before aging
Change in elongation % More than 80% of value before aging
Ozone resistance No crack ASTM D1149
product Temp. Normally working temp. -40 ~80


Dongil R&C supply Sub-materials together with Waterproof sheet.

Item Specification Unit Standard Q’ty required  for ㎡ Uses
Joint sheet 100~200W x 15m Roll Reinforcement of sheet joint area
Primer 15kg Can 0.30~0.45 Floor clearance, improvement of bonding strength, preliminary waterproof
Non-woven fabric Roll 1.1 Filtering and Draining, separation between earth and sheet, reinforcement of waterproof
Bond 15kg Can 0.54 Adhesion of sheet
Butyl tape 50~110W x 1T x 15m Roll 0.25 Reinforcement of sheet joint area and organization of waterway
Bead 12kg Barrel 0.06 Finish of reinforced area
Color 16kg Can 0.45 Improvement of appearance and final waterproof