Tank Seal

It is used to prevent the loss of stored hydrocarborn product in depository in oil refining company, It is an important product to save resource and protect environment.

Oil Tank Seal has the advantages for preventing evaporation loss generated in the process to store volatile liquid, preventing fire, and securing safety.

Oil Tank Seal is applied to floating roof, which rises or falls depending on liquid inflow or outflow. It is the system to prevent foreign material into liquid and minimize the space between liquid and roof to restrict evaporation. The company’s product can decrease more than 94% of evaporation loss with specialized design.

Oil Tank seal provides supplementary insulation function so it is possible to save operation cost and decrease potential danger by maintaining low pressure. It prevents air infiltration via the top of floating roof.

It is used to prevent dissolution of oxygen in liquid depository. As a result. It prevents corrosion of high-cost depository and pipe, protects facility and maintains purity of stored solution.

Oil Tank Seal

●  Comparison of evaporation loss of general tank

Tank Sizes Tank Diameter (feet)
25 50 75 100 125 150 175
Pounds per year
Tank that does not apply tank seal 25,184 121,692 297,121 322,336 534,792 770,488 1,179,900
Tank that applies tank seal 2,190 3,313 4,673 7,387 9,573 11,570 15,520

Regardless of tank size, skillful worker and supervisor provide perfect service from product manufacture to installation and construction.

Related spec : ASTM D 1621,0 1622
12345678901KS M 6518, KS M 6519, KS M 6672

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Gas Holder Seal

Gas holder seal (Tank seal) is installed inside a tank made for gathering gas or dust.
By gathering of gas or dust, and its proper drainage, fire or explosion is prevented so that safety can be secured and environment is protected.

Application : Waste water treatment plant, steel mill etc. where gas or dust occurs.