Immersed Tunnel Gasket

Immersed tunnel gasket is special gasket applied to a new construction method for tunnel structure installed under water.
Dongil R&C’s Immersed tunnel gasket was applied to immersed tunnel between Busan- Geoje island in Korea, and
New Uooljin nuclear power plant etc.

immersed tunnel gasket (1)
immersed tunnel gasket (2)
  • Application
    Nuclear power plant, immersed tunnel etc.
  • Function
    – In the nuclear power plant, cooling water comes from deep sea through the tunnel. The seal is used at joint part of each tunnel structure.
    – In the immersed tunnel, the seal is used in joint part of each tunnel structure so that sea water cannot be flowed into inside of the tunnel.
  • Features
    – By connecting each tunnel one by one, for nuclear power plant, this solves environmental problem according to rise of water temperature caused by method of intake and drainage of water from coastal waters using general steel pipe.
immersed tunnel gasket (3)